iPhone dominating Android more than ever among teens

April 13, 2016 nathan tibble

Are teens increasingly conservative?

In the context of phones, this seems to be the case.

Every six months Piper Jaffray performs an extensive survey -- called Taking Stock With Teens -- among the slightly rough-chinned and excitable members of our next great generation.

They ask the deep and vexing questions.

 Which fashion brands do they love? (Lululemon, apparently.)

But what about gadgets? Has Android finally begun to make inroads into Apple's historic teen dominance?

It seems not.

Sixty-nine percent of the approximately 6,500 teens, average age 16.5, surveyed for this spring survey are iPhone owners -- up a point from 6 months ago. Seventy-five percent said they expect their next phone to be an iPhone. That's also up a point.

Meanwhile, Android bounces along at 19 percent choosing it as their next phone.

Perhaps most surprising is that despite the considerable effort expended by Microsoft to make the Surface a more pulsating proposition, only 19 percent of those who plan on buying a tablet said it would be a Windows tablet. That's down from 23 percent six months ago.

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