why does my iPhone charger keep breaking?

April 13, 2016 nathan tibble

Ever come across a broken iPhone charging cable? You’re certainly not alone, but we have solution that will help you avoid a broken iPhone Lightning cable in the future. 

Most of us use are iPhone when they are on charger, this causes the cable to bend at both sides slowly breaking your charger and eventually your end up having too splash out on a brand new one, only for that to break a few weeks later and splashing out again. have the solution, a Right Angle lightning iPhone Charger.

The 4 foot chargers feature a right angled tip which reduces strain on the cord, in cased with a solid casing making for an extremely durable iPhone charger. 

Not only is it safe to use while charging your iPhone, its perfectly designed to use while using your sat nav, or for watching movies on your iPad. 

overall its been rated 4.8*/5*

and with an expected life span of around 1 year we says its worth the money. 

No more splashing out on iPhone chargers that will just break within a few weeks, Grab one that could last for years. 

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